What Types Of Beef Jerky Can You Eat On Keto Diet?

While beef jerky can be a part of a keto diet, you must ensure that it contains no sugar or carbohydrates. Some types of jerky beef may contain sugar and carbohydrates and cannot be a part of a keto diet. You can ensure it easily by reading the pack, and the ingredient and nutritional label of the beef jerky you buy. After ensuring that your beef jerky is devoid of any sugar and carbohydrates, you can combine it with another food item containing fats and the result will be a delicious and healthy keto snack.


Beef jerky is one of the most popular foods and snacks available. Many brands are offering food. However, when you review the ingredient list of most of these brands and the offerings, you will find that the majority of jerky products contain a high amount of sugar and carbohydrates. Some of these brands may contain more than 10 grams of carbohydrates per serving of beef jerky! This carbohydrate count is half the amount of total carbohydrates a person can eat in a day. Most of the products and the participants of the industry use sugar-based products. ingredients. and sugar in beef jerky production. Adding honey. fructose-based corn syrup. sugar. and other kinds of sugar ingredients can increase the weight of the beef. which is profitable for businesses.


When you have chosen a beef jerky product for the keto diet, you must ensure that it is devoid of any kind of sugar and carbohydrates. The below-given list contains the best beef jerky products that do not contain any sugar and can be perfectly paired with fat-containing products for a perfect snack.


The product is an offering of a family-owned business and is made with care and precaution. The company has been in operation since the 1940s and creates and sells a wide variety of delicious and healthy snacks. The smokey variety of beef jerky by Cattaneo Bros utilizes grass-fed and quality beef. The product is also marinated for many hours with no sugar at all before it gets to you.


The classic taste of People’s Choice meat can be memorable for you. It contains more than 16 grams of protein and does not contain any nitrites. MSG. or gluten. The beef varieties are also free from sugar. You can pair it with cheddar cheese. or avocado and lime for a tasty snack that is free from carbohydrates and sugar. Other ingredients and spices are also minimal to ensure that the product does not contain any excessive calories. When you want a natural flavor to your meat and beef jerky, you should prefer this brand and product.


The Beef Biltong food product has an excellent taste that some may find even better than beef jerky. The product is devoid of any kind of artificial preservatives, or corn syrup. and sugar and is a keto-diet-friendly food item. The ready-to-eat snack can be easily combined with sea salt and pepper.


The thin slices and strips of Carne Seca have an exquisite flavor and taste. The snack is particularly high in protein and contains a delicious blend of spices. It contains approximately 3 grams of fat and no sugar at all. Choose the habanero flavor that may keep you coming back for more.


The hickory beef product from Fusion takes the form of hardy and tender slices that are free of sugar. These products are also free from gluten so you can enjoy them even if you are allergic to them. The absence of nitrites and preservatives makes it safe for people of all ages. The beef jerky is particularly high in protein with each serving containing more than 15 grams of the nutrient. The authentic smokey hickory taste is memorable.


Apart from the sugar and carbohydrate-free beef jerky food products listed above, you can also choose other food items to be a part of your keto diet. Some of these important foods are listed below.

* Vegetables (low in carbohydrates) that include tomatoes, blackberries, strawberries, rhubarb, lemon, and watermelon among others.
* Dairy products like unprocessed cheese (such as cheddar and mozzarella), pasteurized eggs, and butter (grass-fed).
* Meat includes poultry, red meat, sausage, air-dried beef jerky, and beef biltong. You can also choose some processed meats including bacon.
* Seeds and nuts including walnuts, pistachios, flax seeds, pepitas, Josie, and nut butter, are devoid of sugar.
* Unsaturated fatty acids and oils including avocado oil, extra virgin olive oil, sea same oil, and coconut oil.
* Fatty fish rich in Omega-3 fats including tuna, salmon, and mackerel.
* Any of the spices.
* Fatty fruits including coconuts, olives, and avocados.


Beef jerky can be a good snack for a keto diet when it is free of sugar and carbohydrates. However, keep in mind that over-snacking will increase the intake of calories, which will go against your weight loss goals. You can combine beef jerky with olives and cheddar cheese or with avocado and lime to make tasty recipes that do not contain access calories and only a slight amount of fat. Also, keep counting your calories.


Keto diets are in trend and popular as they help in losing weight. However, not all people can be on a keto diet for long. For instance, if you have a medical condition associated with the pancreas, gallbladder, liver, or thyroid, you should avoid the keto diet. You must also talk with your physician to know more about the right kind of food that you should be consuming. People who cannot stay on the keto diet due to medical conditions may face low blood pressure and nutritional deficiencies among other side effects upon consuming only keto foods.


Beef jerky can be a good addition to your keto diet if it is devoid of carbohydrates, sugar, preservatives, and other kinds of ingredients that increase its calorie count unnecessarily. When you want to lose weight, you should inspect the ingredient list of any food you buy carefully. Also, combine your beef jerky with other keto diet-friendly food items only to attain the desired weight loss goals.

Top Keto Hiking Foods

Nothing can ruin a camping trip or hiking excursion more than poor planning. You don’t want to run out of food and return early, but what if you have to hike even farther than planned because all the “good” camping spots are taken? The best thing you can do is plan and know exactly what you will eat before you go, so there are no surprises. In this article, we will discuss the top Keto hiking foods;

1. Nut Butter Pouches

Nut butter pouches are filled with creamy nut butter, which can be made with any nut or seed. It’s usually mixed with a sweetener like erythritol or stevia and has other ingredients such as erythritol, salt, and sunflower lecithin. They’re perfect for hikers who don’t want to carry heavy food around on their treks. They’re also an excellent option for anyone who wants to eat Keto but doesn’t have time to make meals ahead of time. Nut butter pouches come in several different flavors, so there’s something for everyone.

2. Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds have a high-fat content. They also provide protein and fiber. Some nuts are more carbs than others, so if you’re watching your carb intake, check the nutrition facts of whatever brand you buy. A handful of nuts can be a great snack at any time, but for hiking, it is suggested to bring them with you on the trail for an easy-to-eat snack that will keep you going. Here are some nuts and seeds that are great for hiking:

* Pumpkin Seeds are a great trail snack because they’re rich in magnesium, which is essential for energy production and muscle strength.
* Sunflower Seeds; Sunflower seeds are another great source of magnesium and vitamin B1 (thiamine). Like pumpkin seeds, they’re also high in omega-6 fatty acids, which have anti-inflammatory properties.
* Almonds; Almonds are rich in vitamin E and monounsaturated fats that help lower cholesterol levels and reduce inflammation in the body. The high protein level in almonds also makes them an ideal post-workout snack because it stimulates muscle growth and repair after exercise.
* Cashews; Like most nuts, cashews are high in monounsaturated fats, which help promote cardiovascular health by lowering LDL cholesterol.
* Macadamia Nuts; Macadamia nuts are one of the best keto hiking foods because they are high in fat and contain very few carbohydrates. They also have a good amount of protein, which helps keep you going during long hikes. Macadamia nuts are a great source of monounsaturated fats, which are known to improve cholesterol levels and reduce inflammation in the body. They also contain antioxidants such as polyphenols, which help fight free radicals that can cause cancer and other diseases.

3. Cheese Snacks

Cheese is full of fat and protein, which will keep you feeling full longer while providing plenty of energy for your hikes. The best kinds of cheese for hiking are those that don’t require refrigeration until opened, such as block cheddar or Swiss cheese. These cheeses will be easy to pack for your hikes without worrying about spoilage.

4. Olive Pouches

Olive pouches are easy to take along on hikes and picnics because they come in lightweight packets and don’t take up much space in your backpack or picnic basket. They’re also super convenient — tear one open, squeeze some oil into your mouth, then toss the pouch when you’re done. Olive oil is high in monounsaturated fats, which have been shown to lower LDL (“bad”) cholesterol and increase HDL (“good”) cholesterol levels, as well as help prevent heart disease. It also contains antioxidants, like vitamin E and polyphenols, that help fight cancer and cardiovascular disease.

5. Beef Jerky

This is one of the best snacks to bring along with you on a hike because it’s high in protein and fat, which will help keep you full while burning those extra calories. Plus, beef jerky is easy to carry around in a bag or pocket while hiking.

6. Cured Meats

Cured meats are a staple of keto hiking diets. They’re high in protein and fat and contain many vitamins and minerals. They can be eaten raw or cooked, but cook them completely before consuming them. Here are some examples of cured meats;

* Sausage: Sausages are great because they come in various flavors and can be used in many recipes. You can grill or fry them or add them to soups and stews.
* Pork rinds: Pork rinds are high in protein and fat, making the perfect snack while hiking. You can crush them up and use them as breading for fried foods like chicken nuggets or fish sticks, too!
* Salami: Salamus is another cured meat that’s great for hiking because it’s high in protein and fat. It’s also easy to eat on the go since it comes pre-packaged with no need to refrigerate or cook it before eating.

7. Low Carb Yogurt Pops

Yogurt pops are a great way to cool off during a hike on hot days. Mix Greek yogurt with sweetener and freeze overnight in an ice cube tray. Cube up the frozen yogurt and place them in zip-lock bags or containers before heading out on your hike. You can also make other flavors of popsicles by adding different fruits like berries or kiwi fruit.

8. Keto Trail Mixes

Trail mix is a great snack for hikers because it’s easy to carry and provides energy. Unfortunately, many trail mixes also contain grains and sugars that aren’t good for keto diets. But some high-quality brands make low-carb trail mixes with all-natural ingredients like nuts and seeds instead of refined sugars or other unnecessary fillers.

9. Tuna and Salmon Pouches

Tuna pouches are an excellent source of protein and healthy fats. They’re also very portable, making them ideal for any hike or backpacking trip. Salmon pouches are another great option because they contain healthy fats and omega-3 fatty acids that help improve heart health, lower cholesterol levels, and reduce inflammation.

10. Keto Bars

The keto diet is a low-carb, high-fat eating plan used to lose weight and improve health. One of the benefits of following a ketogenic diet is increased energy. Keto bars are a convenient way to get your daily fat and protein intake while on the go. These bars are often packed with healthy fats, fiber, and protein and can be eaten as a snack or meal replacement.

11. Keto Bricks

Keto bricks are a great snack for hiking. They are usually made from cheese, butter, and cream cheese and have a high-fat content. This makes them perfect for keto hikers who need to keep their energy levels high. The low carbohydrate content will also mean that the energy from the food will be released more slowly, so you won’t get tired as quickly as you would with other snacks.

12. Electrolyte Drinks

Electrolyte drinks are a quick and easy way to get the sodium, potassium, and other minerals your body needs during exercise. You’ll find them at most grocery stores, but check the label for added sugars or artificial sweeteners. Some brands use stevia as a sweetener instead of sugar or corn syrup. Some examples include Propel Fitness Water and Nuun Active Hydration Tablets.

13. Coconut Water

Coconut water has a lot of potassium and other minerals like magnesium, so it’s another great option when you need an electrolyte boost before or after your hike. Try this brand, which comes in several flavors, including fruit punch, orange mango, and strawberry limeade.

Wrapping Up

Hiking provides amazing cardiovascular and muscle-conditioning benefits. Carrying healthy foods with you will allow you to sustain your activity level and prevent health breakdowns or a need for emergency assistance. Be smart and prepared to hike the right way by carrying a few keto foods with you on your journey.

Is Cool Whip Keto and What Are Keto Friendly Alternatives?

The keto diet has numerous benefits: it improves acne, reduces the risk of seizure, boosts heart health, supports weight loss, reduces the risk of certain cancers, improves PCOS symptoms, and boosts brain function. Starting a ketogenic diet can be challenging because it focuses on low-carb foods. There are various substitutes for the keto diet that can help you with weight management. Based on research, most products in the market are keto-friendly. The role of thumb is to swap high-carb diets for low-carb diets. Most foods are rich in carbs, including cakes, cookies, bread, sauces, rice, sweet desserts, and bread.


Cool Whip isn’t keto-friendly due to its high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated vegetable oil, sugar, and other preservatives. Other ingredients in Cool Whip are sodium caseinate, skim milk, xanthan and guar gums, natural and artificial flavor, sodium polyphosphate, sorbitan monostearate, and beta carotene. Two tablespoons of Cool Whip contains at least 3g of net carbs. Currently, there are several Cool Whip substitutes that are keto-friendly. Unlike Cool Whip, these alternatives contain ingredients that won’t interfere with ketosis. Based on some studies, Cool Whip is a fairly low-carb diet; therefore, small amounts can fit into your keto diet, especially if you’re starting your keto diet plan. If you’re on a strict ketogenic diet plan, avoid it completely.


1. Whipped Cream

Both whipped and heavy cream are considered keto-friendly. A 1/4 cup of whipped cream contains at least 1.75g net carbs. Individuals on the keto diet should rely on whipping cream to make keto-friendly desserts. In addition, they can use it as a sugarless coffee creamer. When it comes to whipped cream, most people replace sugar with natural sweeteners. Some of the ingredients that you’ll need to make whipped cream are vanilla essence, erythritol sweetener, and heavy cream. A keto-friendly whipped cream contains various nutrients, including vitamin A, calories, protein, sodium, potassium, calcium, saturated fat, etc. These nutrients will boost your health and overall wellness. Below are reasons why you should substitute cool Whip with whipped cream:

– Requires 3 ingredients

– Light, sweet flavor

– Low in carbs

– Fluffy, creamy texture

– Ready in at least 2 minutes

2. Sour Cream

Sour cream is made from a cream that has been soured by an acid, including vinegar, lemon juice, or lactic acid bacteria. It contains at least 18% milk fat. Whipped sour cream is keto-friendly because its ingredients aren’t great sources of carbs. It’s an excellent keto-friendly substitute because it can help your body absorb nutrients from other foods that you pair with it. Fat-soluble vitamins, including vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, and vitamin K require dietary fat to be absorbed in the human body. Based on science, sour cream is a great source of probiotics. They play a significant role in boosting the gut microbiome. This bacteria is found in the human digestive system. There are various types of sour creams:

– Low-fat sour cream: contains 7g of protein, 14g of fat, and 7g of carbs

– Non- fat sour cream: 3g of protein, 0g of fat, and 16g of carbs

– Full-fat sour cream: 2g of protein, 19g of fat, and 5g of carbs

For a keto-friendly diet, opt for full-fat sour cream because it contains fewer carbs and high fats. The fat content is a component that gives sour cream a thick texture.

3. Whipped Coconut Cream

Whipped coconut cream is keto-friendly because it’s high in fats and low in carbs. It contains an array of ingredients, including full-fat coconut milk, low-carb sugar, vanilla, stevia glycerite or erythritol, and a pinch of salt. If you’re a vegan, whipped coconut cream is an ideal option. This cream contains various nutrients, such as saturated fat, calories, fat, sodium, and potassium. There are various reasons why individuals on keto prefer coconut cream: it’s easy to make, light and fluffy, healthier than whipped cream, and can be used to top various desserts, such as tarts, pies, and cakes. It’s a great source of healthy fats known as medium-chain triglycerides. Based on science, consuming this fat can aid weight loss by increasing energy and decreasing appetite.

4. Whipped Creme Fraiche

Whipped creme fraiche is high in fat than regular milk. It’s good for keto because it contains high-fat content and low amounts of carbohydrates. In ancient times, creme fraiche was made from unpasteurized cream. In the modern era, it’s made by adding fermenting agents to cream. Some flavored varieties of creme Fraiche contain more carbs; therefore, it’s important to double-check the ingredients. To boost ketosis, opt for full-fat creme fraiche. The main ingredient in whipped creme fraiche is bacterial culture and cream. When you use the bacterial culture to sour the cream, it becomes thick, fluffy, and creamy. Note that fat-free creme fraiche isn’t keto-friendly. This is because it’s made from cream that has been skimmed to get rid of fat. In addition, it has a high carbohydrate content, especially when compared to full-fat creme fraiche. One serving of full-fat creme fraiche contains:

– 0.6 grams of protein

– 0.9 grams net carbs

– 10 grams of fat

Creme fraiche adds richness and thickness to recipes, especially if you need the least amount of carbs in your diet. Based on research, creme fraiche is a great source of calcium, which plays a major role in strengthening your bones and teeth. In addition, its protein content will help in cell health.

5. Silken Tofu Whipped Topping

Silken tofu can also be termed as Japanese-style tofu. It’s a great alternative to cool Whip because it’s good for keto. Organic silken tofu is low in net carbs. Approximately 100 grams serving of silken tofu contains 1.19g of net carbs. In addition, it’s high in fat and proteins. This makes it ideal for a low-carb vegan diet plan. Some of the ingredients of organic silken tofu are magnesium chloride, calcium sulfate, water, and organic soybeans. There are various benefits of opting for silken tofu whipped topping: it boosts memory and brain health, reduces the risk of certain cancers, and improves colon health. Based on science, it’s a high-fibre diet.


These are among the best keto-friendly alternatives to cool Whip. They’re low in carbs and high in fats, thus making them perfect for keto. They’ll help you maintain a healthy weight.

35 Super Healthy Keto Foods Packed with Protein with Descriptions

With the ketogenic diet growing in popularity, many people are wondering how to follow the diet without sacrificing their favorite foods—in particular, foods that offer the most nutritional bang for their buck. Here’s your guide to the super-healthy keto foods packed with protein, and descriptions of what each food has to offer:

1. Salami or Sausage

Salami is a popular keto food that’s loaded with protein and other nutrients. “The majority of its protein comes from pork, but it also contains small amounts of beef or chicken”, says registered dietitian and chef Julee Rosso. According to one USDA study, about 20 percent of the salami sold in supermarkets are made with pork. Another advantage to making your own salami? “You can control the amount of fat and sodium you include”, Julee says.

2. Hard Cheese

The versatility of cheese is endless—and that includes hard cheeses. “Havarti is pretty versatile and can be enjoyed in many ways, from sandwiches to soups,” says registered dietitian and sports nutritionist Joy Bauer. If your favorite hard cheese isn’t keto-approved, Joy suggests asking your local grocer if they sell it or look for a similar version with lactose-free protein.

3. Nuts or Nut Butter

A handful of nut butter each day can make a big difference in your diet. “If you’re going to include nuts or nut butter in your meals, it’s best to keep them to a handful or less,” says registered dietitian and registered master chef Laura Theodore. “Otherwise, you can use the snack as a meal or reward yourself with another portion of the food.” One thing’s for sure: Nuts are super-delicious and filling! They contain a ton of vitamins and minerals, and are an excellent source of protein.

4. Avocado

Avocados are high in healthy monounsaturated fat, and are a great source of vitamins E, K and B6. One study published in Nutrition Journal found that avocado consumption may reduce the risk of heart disease.

5. Low Carb Wraps/Tortillas

“They’re a great way to pack protein and fresh veggies in, without the need for meats or carbs”, says registered dietitian Kelsey Cane. Check labels to find wraps and tortillas that have a lower carb count, such as egg wrap shells.

6. Preserved Meat or Jerky

Dried meat is one of the oldest forms of preserving food, and it is still a great source of protein. “Jerky contains protein from the meat itself, as well as from the fat that drips off to make it moist,” Joy says. This type of meat will keep for up to two years in an airtight container.

7. Keto Trail Mix

If you’re craving a crunchy snack, try making your own keto trail mix. “Mix almonds and other nuts, seeds, dried fruits and dark chocolate chips together,” Joy says. “It will be high in fat and lower in carbs.”

8. Low Carb Protein Bars

“A keto protein bar is a great way to get extra protein to keep you going and be fuel for your workout or daily activities”, says registered dietitian Lauren Bodenheimer. “It’s also very portable, works well if you’re on the go and doesn’t need to be cooked or cooled.”

9. Keto Granola Bars

“Keto bars are a great resource for those in need of a snack to get through the day”, says registered dietitian Lauren Bodenheimer. “They’re low in carbs, and high in fat, which helps you get into ketosis.” “On top of that, they’ll fill you up and keep you satisfied until your next meal”, she adds.

10. Mayo/Olive Oil/Coconut Oil Packets

These may not seem like a food, but they are—and they are a great source of healthy fats. “Olive oil, mayo and coconut oil packets can be used in cooking or as dressing,” says registered dietitian Kelsey Cane. Olive oil is high in monounsaturated fat, which helps lower cholesterol and prevents the formation of blood clots—which is especially beneficial for those who are at-risk for cardiovascular disease or stroke.

11. Mct Powder or Heavy Cream Powder

These are both great on-the-go options to help you reach your daily fat goals. “Mct powder is a great addition to coffee, and heavy cream powder works well in meals when you want to add extra creaminess, such as for a casserole or shake,” says registered dietitian Kelsey Cane.

12. Coffee/Tea

Coffee and tea are both low-carb, nutrient-dense drinks that can help you lose weight. “They’re a great way to add extra fat to your day”, Joy says. Choosing an unsweetened variety is a smart move in general, but especially if you’re sensitive to sugar. If you can handle lactose, dairy is OK on a keto diet, but be aware of the extra carbs it carries. The same goes for sugary drinks: check the label for hidden carbs. Alcohol, too, becomes a concern when you’re trying to lose weight.

13. Dinner

What, dinner? Yep, dinner is a food group on keto! “Since dinner is the nighttime meal, you want to make sure it’s big enough to sustain you until breakfast,” says Joy. “A great keto dinner should include a large portion of healthy fats, like salmon and avocado.” She also suggests adding in some cooked veggies for bulk and fiber. The best part? You can totally make a keto dinner in advance, so you have less time stressing in the kitchen.

14. Salad Dressings and Sauces

A keto diet doesn’t need its own dressing or sauce. Just use olive oil, balsamic vinegar or another vinegar, and some seasonings—which is why you can use your favorite bottled salad dressing on the keto diet. Sandwiches, burgers, pizza and even pancakes can be dressed with a little light mayonnaise or salsa. The choice is yours. The one thing you’ll want to avoid, though, is keto salad dressings and sauces that are heavily loaded with sugar.

15. Venison

One of the biggest concerns with going keto is eating a diet high in fat and protein, and low in carbs. Well, that’s all wrong. “Venison is a great choice because it’s a leaner red meat that cuts out the fat,” Joy says. “Venison also provides a good amount of protein to help fuel your workout or daily life.”

16. High-Protein Cereal

Soy and almond milk are especially high in protein, and make for a great choice for a keto cereal. “For the best results, mix them with dried fruit and nuts to add flavor and sweetness,” Joy suggests. She also adds that it’s okay to enjoy those childhood cereals as they are—just ditch the sugar and your parents’ diets.

17. Tempeh

“Tempeh is made out of fermented soybeans, but it’s also a great source of protein”, says registered dietitian Lauren Bodenheimer. “A single 8” serving contains 21 grams of protein. That makes tempeh an excellent replacement for meat. For more keto-friendly protein options, try nuts and seeds, or check out these recipes:

18. Halibut

Halibut is a white fish, so it’s a slow-burning source of protein and helps keep you fuller for longer. Halibut is very high in omega 3s, which are great for the heart and brain.

19. Almond Flour

This flour is derived from blanched almonds, making it a great source of vitamins and minerals.

20. Snacking Cheese

“Keto-friendly cheese is great because they’re rich in healthy fats and protein,” says Joy. Two of her favorite brands are Cabot’s cheddar and string cheese, which has just three grams of net carbs per serving.

21. Pistachios

“Nuts and seeds should be a big part of your keto diet if you’re not vegetarian,” says Joy. Keeping your carbs low while increasing healthy fat will help keep you satiated, too. She recommends keeping some pistachios, walnuts, and macadamia nuts on hand to enjoy with your keto diet.

22. Salmon

Salmon is a rich source of protein, a great way to get more omega 3s, and is keto-friendly.

23. Eggs

Eggs are one of the best foods for keto dieters, especially low carb egg beaters. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day—and it doesn’t have to be limited to just

24. Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is a healthy alternative to regular yogurt, for those who can tolerate dairy. “Greek yogurt is a good source of protein and calcium,” says registered dietitian Diego Hernandez. Many brands of Greek yogurt carry the same number of carbs as regular yogurt, so be mindful of what you buy. For example, Chobani Greek Yogurt is only 1-2% fat and has 3 carbs per serving while Fage Total is 4% fat and has 19 grams of carbs per 6 oz serving.

25. Ricotta

It’s low in fat and calories, has no saturated fat, and zero grams of carbs per one-ounce serving.

26. Eggs

Eggs are a low-carb, high protein food you can eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They’re also loaded with essential vitamins. Use them to add fat or protein to a satisfying keto meal. You can’t go wrong with eggs, especially the easy-to-cook scrambled variety.

27. Avocado

An avocado can be a great way to add more fat to your ketogenic diet. At only 3 grams of net carbs, it’s also low-carb enough that you can eat it without having to worry about hitting your daily carb quota. However, because it is higher in natural fats, the calories can add up quickly if you’re not careful.

28. Seitan

Seitan is a great meat-substitute if you’re vegetarian, low carb or just want to try something new and healthy. It’s made from soy and is completely gluten free.

29. Edamame

These soy beans are a low-carb source of protein, fiber and iron. They’re also delicious in salads or with dipping sauce.

30. Mozzarella Cheese

This low carb cheese is a great dairy alternative when you can’t have dairy.

31. Almonds

Almonds are a delicious, low-carb food that can be eaten anytime, anywhere. Plus, they have tons of vitamins and minerals — including magnesium, selenium and zinc.

32. Deli Turkey Meat

The deli meat is made from turkey and other meats.

33. Chia Seeds

Rich in plant-based omega 3s and fiber, chia seeds are the perfect topping for any keto-friendly berry smoothie bowl. Blend them with the rest of your ingredients or enjoy them on their own.

34. Unsweetened Peanut Butter

The only saturated fat you can consume on keto is provided by grass-fed butter (and pastured ghee), and a small amount of palm oil (which you can make for yourself from coconut oil).

35. Pumpkin Seeds

These seeds are a great source of zinc and magnesium, which are very low in carbs.

There are many options for those who want to enjoy or stick to the keto diet. The key is to know which foods you can eat in moderation and which ones are best avoided altogether. Once you understand how to make more food choices that are in line with the diet, you will find making it much easier and you’ll be able to avoid stress and any binge-eating urges.

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