15 Keto Friendly Snacks You Can Take Backpacking

Imagine this, you just started your new Keto diet and things are going great. You are dropping the weight at a sustainable rate, like a pound or so week.  Then you remember that you have a hiking trip with your buddies. What am I going to pack? 

Before I used to just through a few high carb snack bars in my pack and away I would go. But now …. What do I throw in my pack?

You will need something that is high energy, yet still light enough that I can easily carry it on out 10 mile hike. (Cause intermittent fasting is great and all, but when the hunger strikes you gotta feed it right?)  Here is a list of 14 light snacks to take on your next hike or backpacking adventure.

Homemade Keto Trail Mix


This is a quick and easy trail mix to make before you head out on your hike.  This recipe has 3 different types of nuts (Brazil Nuts, Shelled Pistachios and Macadamia Nuts) some unsweetened chocolate chips and some dried cranberries. It is simple to make,light to carry and provides some quick energy. 

Nut butter

You can put a tablespoon of peanut butter into a ziplock baggie and throw it into your backpack for a quick pick me up. Be careful with peanut butter, it is easy to over do it. Almond butter might be a better choice if you have it on hand. 


Beef jerky pieces

This is our go to snack. It is lightweight, fast energy and it doesn’t need anything special to keep it fresh.  Be Careful with some of the store bought brands, ( read the labels) they might have a lot of sugar in them. Here is a short write up,  where we sampled 3 jerkys and found the best ones. Is Beef Jerky Keto

Once you find a low carb version, just toss a package or two into your backpack and you are good to go.   

Garlic Sausage

Depending on how long of a hike you are going on; your can grab a ring of sausage and toss it into the backpack.  You can pre-cut the sausage ring into bite size portions, or leave them in long so you can cook it up on an open fire.  Yummy! Again read the labels and make sure your chosen garlic ring doesn’t have a bunch of added sugar or it just might throw you out of ketosis. 

Pepperoni sticks

A light, nutritious and very satisfying snack. These pre-made sticks are perfect for hiking.  May we suggest throwing a whole pack of pepperonis in your backpack. Because once you open this package on the trail,  all your friends are gonna want a stick or two.


Here is a neat one to try. Pemmican is basically a mixture of fat and protein with a few berries thrown in for good measure. It is derived from the Cree word “pimîhkân” which means “fat, grease” Here is an interesting blog that tells you all about it and explains how to make it yourself.  https://carnivoreaurelius.com/pemmican/

Hard Cheese


One of the simplest on the list is chunks of cheese.  Just cut up a little baggie full and you are done. Our favorite is Armstrong old cheddar. The older the better, as it has just the right zip in it.  Couple this with a ziplock container full of Dill pickles, and your have got yourself a savory little snack for the road.

Fat Bombs

This Cookie dough fat bomb recipe is amazing.  They are full of fat with a few chunks of dark chocolate mixed in.  You can check them out over at thehumblekitchen.ca on their recipe page.  We usually throw a few of the frozen fat bombs into a tupperware container and put it in our pack for a quick pick me up on the trail. They tend to get fairly soft as they thaw, so maybe bring a spoon to eat them.


Another great snack for your hike are avocados. However, avocados tend to bruise fairly easily. So throw one in a tupperware container and pack around it with paper towel to keep it from moving around and get damaged.  Remember to throw in a knife to cut it up and peel it while on the trail.

Pork Rinds

These are just like a bag of potato chips. Toss it in and enjoy the crunchy taste with your favorite seasoning. Our favorite is this pack from amazon. It is a four pack with different flavors that will satisfy all your friends. https://www.amazon.com/Pork-Barrel-Rinds-Variety-Sampler/dp/B07YSXTDBV

Hard Boiled Eggs + Bacon Go Bags

If you are on the keto diet you probably have a bunch of hard boiled eggs sitting in the fridge right now.  Eggs are truly the perfect snack. Couple that with perfectly cooked bacon strips and you have a savory snack that will keep you energized for hours.  This one works not only for hiking backpacks, but for a quick pick me up after the gym. We usually pre cook a bunch of bacon strips at breakfast then toss a couple of pre-cooked hard boiled eggs into a sandwich bag. Then toss a couple into our packs and we are on our way.

Bulletproof Coffee

There is nothing like having a hot cup of coffee on top of a mountain or on the hiking trail. Just whip up a bulletproof coffee and pour it into a mini thermos for later on in the day. The fat in the coffee will keep your energy up for the last few miles.  Bulletproof Coffee with Whipping Cream

Smoked Oysters or Sardines 

If you are planning to have a fire along the way,  open up one of these cans and toss it right into the fire to warm it up.   You can also just roll back the lid and eat them raw. Remember to pack your fork for this awesome pick-me-up in a can.  A quick side note here… Oysters and sardines have a delicious scent to you and the wildlife. So, have a plan to get rid of the tin can they come in.  You don’t want to have the oil in the can leak into your pack; as you may never get the smell out. Effectively turning you into walking Bear bait.

Moon Cheese

These light, crunchy flavorful snacks are perfect for all occasions. And no refrigeration needed. These easy bite sized snacks are made from 100% cheese and come in a variety of flavors.  Our favor flavor right now is the pepper-jack and the jalapeno flavored ones. They are high in protein and calcium, Keto friendly and a convenient snack pack you can take anywhere.

Veggies & Dip

I love something fresh and crisp to nibble on as I hike. Making a tupperware container full of fresh cut vegetables is quick and easy.  We always toss in cauliflower florets, celery sticks, broccoli florets, a handful of cherry tomatoes and tri-colored bell pepper strips.  Feel free to toss in a carrot stick or two along with a handful of sugar snap peas depending on how close you are counting your marcos for Keto.  Add in a small container of dipping sauce or salad dressing in a ziplock bag and you are all set. Something juicy and crisp to snack on.


And there you have it,  a bunch of quick & simple keto snacks that you can bring on your next hike or backpacking trip. 

Remember to bring extra because all your friends will want some too. Also don’t forget to bring a container to manage garbage and used utensils.  As the saying goes, if you pack it in…Be sure to pack it out. Happy Hiking!