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Can You Eat Chicken Wings On Keto

We started this family ritual about a year ago.  “Wings Wednesday” at our local pub. We tried many different locations, but found that this particular restaurant makes the best chicken wings we had ever tasted.

But now after re-starting my keto journey I am wondering if I can even join the family on Wednesday or should I just skip it.  Are Chicken Wings Keto friendly?

How to enjoy Chicken Wings on Wings Wednesday & stay in Ketosis.

  •       Avoid wings that are breaded
  •       Go for the traditional bone-in- chicken wings 
  •       Skip the sugar-glazed toppings
  •       Choose a dry rub or seasoned variety
  •       Choose a Light Beer 
  •       Eat the veggies that come on the side

Baked chicken wings.

Chicken and poultry is naturally free of carbs, until it has been processed like the boneless chicken wings.  That is because we just don’t know what the manufactures put in there to get them to stick together. Our top recommendation is to stick with the traditional bone-in-chicken wing.  

While you are at it try, to find a local sports bar or pub that serves a non-breaded chicken wing, as the breading can be problematic for those of us on a keto diet.  

Fried chicken wings.What about the topping or seasoning on Chicken wings?  There are 1500 different flavours you can get on Chicken wings. And, that number continues to grow as people get more creative with their wing selections. (I think I even seen a Root Beer flavored Chicken wing, on a menu a while back)  The key here is to find a seasoning that is not fully dosed in sugar. Yes, that means skipping the Maple Bacon Chicken wings that are so popular here in Canada.  But, by choosing a dry rub, or powdered seasoning you eliminate the risk of spiking you insulin levels, and kicking yourself out of ketosis.

Chicken wings are an excellent source of both fat and protein.  They tick the box on a few dietary components that Keto dieters are looking for.  As long as your chicken wings are not sugar-glaze or breaded, they are usually Keto friendly.

However, if you are just looking to recreate the Wings Wednesday experience at home check out this awesome Crispy Garlic Parmesan Wings Keto Recipe  from All day I Dream about Food.  She even posts an instructional video on how to get your wings crispy! 


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