Is Cool Whip Keto?

Aha, the magic of Cool Whip.  Who doesn’t love these magical little tubs of fluffy, whipped goodness?   They were convenient; requiring no physical whipping on your part. It maintains its shape & texture when dolloped and it doesn’t melt all over that decadent piece of pie, like the real thing.

But is Cool Whip Really Keto? 

I am going to go with an emphatic ….No, NO, NOOO!  Let’s just look at the ingredients list for a moment, shall we?

Cool whip nutritional photo

As you can see Cool Whip is not a Nutrient rich food.  It is a highly refined food that has no vitamins of minerals.  Not to mention, the second ingredient on the list is Glucose-Fructose!  Also known as High-Fructose corn syrup. 

As a devotee to the simple Keto diet plan, this is one ingredient that I want to avoid at all costs.  (it’s like a monster hiding in the closet. Ready to jump out, and get you at any moment. This stuff is everywhere in processed foods!) 

According to the there is quite a bit of evidence to suggest that high-fructose corn syrup is less healthy than other types of sweeteners. Not only that, but there seems to be evidence that our body’s use the high-fructose corn syrup differently than other forms of sugar.  Source (

Why do we want to avoid refined sugars like Glucose-Fructose?

When you have a refined food with high fructose, your liver is forced to process ALL of it.  Which can cause insulin resistance and can lead to fatty liver disease.

These types of foods do not have any vitamins or minerals.  When you consume nutrient rich food, even if they are high carbohydrates (like fruit or a potato) the minerals/vitamins in the whole food decreases the side effects that sugar causes.   The nutrients protect you from cell damage due to a high insulin spike.  

Often times, processed foods are pasteurized, so they can sit on a grocery store shelf for long periods of time. This process kills the enzymes and nutrients with heat.  

Where people run into problems is that Fructose ranks quite low on the glycemic index.  You can check for yourself here. (   Then people begin to think, “Wow, that is great!  I can eat as much Fructose as I like.” Wrong!

I would avoid the Cool Whip & any other pre-made whipping cream you can purchase from the grocery store refrigerator and make your own Keto friendly Whipping cream. 

Keto Friendly Heavy Whipping Cream.

2 Cups of Liquid Whipping Cream  33- 35%

1 –tsp of vanilla

1 packet of organic sweetener or Sweetener of your choice.


Through everything into a bowl & hand mix until stiff peaks foam.

Or put everything into a Magic Bullet.  Whip for 15-20 seconds until whipping cream thickens (not too long or you will turn into sweet butter.)

And Dollop away!  Simple!