KETO DIET WEEK 1: Our Keto Diet Journey

Hello everyone … Welcome to the beginning of our Journey!

Who are we?

My name is Natalie.  I am a 45 year old, happy-go-lucky person that got sick and tired of being fat.  Along with my husband Shane and my daughter Becky we started our Low Carbohydrate diet and lifestyle at the beginning of July 2017.



We jokingly call ourselves ‘Shapely Couch Potatoes’ (What!? Round is a shape)

Now don’t get me wrong, we would classify ourselves as fairly active.  Shane and I are Exterior Siding Contractors and Photographers. In addition to that we write a hiking blog about the best places to hike In Banff & Jasper National Parks .  Which means we participate in plenty of activity & physical labor. (No desk jobs here!)

Becky is a semi-active teenager that spends lots of time outside walking her high energy dog, Scout and taking him to sheep herding lessons.  Occasionally, we can talk her into going on a hike with us as long as it doesn’t interfere with dog training.

Why did we start on a Low Carb Diet or Keto Diet?

Last year I ended up having to see a Doctor for a stomach ache that just wouldn’t stop.  My Dr. put me through all the usual test and one week later handed me a diagnoses that I had what appeared to be a stomach ulcer.  Now this didn’t really surprise me because many people in my family have had stomach problems and some have even tested positive for the H-Pylori virus which attacks the lining of the stomach.  If the H-pylori virus is not detected in time, it can cause stomach ulcers and even Cancer.  Adding to my diagnosis I had high blood pressure, my BMI was 32.6; meaning I was considered obese; my cholesterol numbers were too high and I had liver damage most likely caused from excessive drinking. (What!?  I like wine!)

The recommendation was to stop drinking for 6 months and to start taking antacids, to reduce the acid in my stomach and so the ulcer could begin to heal.  Plus the Dr. said I should reduce how much animal products I was consuming and add in more veggies and starches like rice.  Ok I could do that.  This was probably exactly what I needed to get my weight under control.

At roughly the same time Shane and Becky decided to start a diet and work out regime.  They did amazing!   They would hold each other accountable every night.  Nobody was allowed to give up or quit! They cajoled each other into eating healthy and pushing a little harder each time they exercised  They work out faithfully each night for 3 months straight.

Their goal was to get in shape and lose a few pounds.   Shane adhered to a strict Low Fat diet. And Becky just added more veggies to her diet.

The end result for them was that in three months Shane dropped 3 pounds total and Becky lost about 6 pounds.  Becky would be the first to tell you that not all was a lost cause. For all her effort she noticed a marked difference in her stamina and her strength.  But wait!  What is going on here?  It’s not like they didn’t re-climb the stairs from the basement all sweaty and worn out, or stick to what was supposed to be a healthy diet.  Why didn’t they lose lots of weight?


As for me I listened to what the Dr. told me to do and quit drinking (cold turkey) for 6 months.  I added more vegetables and starch to my diet. I reduced my meat portions to about the size of my palm and I was rewarded with losing 14 pounds.  (According to the BMI Calculator I was still considered obese … but just by a hair.)  Yay! No more stomach ache and a lighter happier Natalie.  Well not exactly.  I wasn’t super happy.  I ended up going through a period of depression.  That was not like me.  This gloomy-gus phase lasted for about a two months.  (What the heck Dr?)

Slowly I re-introduced alcohol back into my life and within 3 months my weight ballooned right back up to 190 lbs.  Argh!

So now let’s fast forward to a family gathering we attended this July long weekend.  A day into our visit our Niece and Nephew arrived looking fantastic.  There was a quick back and forth about how they had gotten into such good shape.  Shawn’s simply answer was “Keto.”   He told us that he had found the Keto diet on Reddit and it just snowballed from there.  He was down 50lbs and felt (and looked) amazing.

Shane and I came home from that event and started to do some serious research.  We decided to try a short two-week challenge to see if there would be any changes.   We tried to encourage Becky to come on the challenge with us but for four days she couldn’t wrap her head around the idea of eating so much fat.  She kept repeating “It’s just so Counter-intuitive; I can’t see how it will work.”  But on day 5 Becky decided to join us on the journey.

The Simple Keto Diet Plan  

Week One – The goal for this week!

  1. A) Eat: eggs, meat, fish, natural fats like olive oil & butter and stick to vegetables with a low starch content. (avoid veggies that grow underground)
  2. B) Side-step: Starchy foods and sugar like rice, potatoes, bread, white or brown sugar and pasta

The idea is to eat only when we are hungry and eat until satisfied.  We would avoid any products on the shelf that had “low-carb” stamped across it.  And we would aim to drop our carbs down to 20 grams per day, while increasing our healthy fat to about 70% of our diet.  Simple!

  • Clean out the fridge & pantry
  • Weigh in & Measure
  • Shop for the good stuffs
  • Cook Low-Carb Recipes

End of Week 1 – Totals

Natalie’s Week By Week Stats: Keto Diet Week 1

Starting weight: 188.4 Lbs

Weight Loss: 4.8 lbs

Ending weight: 183.6

Starting Belly measurement: 40 1/2 Inches

End Belly measurement: 38 Inches

Change in Belly: 2 1/2 Inches


Shane’s Week By Week Stats: Keto Diet Week 1

Starting weight: 299 Lbs

Weight Loss: 5.0 lbs

Ending weight: 294

Starting Belly measurement: 54.5 Inches

End Belly measurement: 52.5 Inches

Change in Belly: 2 Inches


Becky’s Week By Week Stats: Keto Diet Week 1

Starting weight: 183.2 Lbs

Weight Loss: 3.8 lbs

Ending weight: 179.4

Starting Belly measurement: 35 Inches

End Belly measurement: 34 3/4 Inches

Change in Belly: 1/4 Inches

** Becky has only been on the diet for 2 days.  But I made her weigh in anyways.

What we experienced through the week.

Sahne and Nat

Day 1:  Stomach craps & diarrhea –  I Read that I needed to drink 1 cup of bouillon

Day 2-4:  my scale says I have lost 6 pounds! In addition to that my family tells me I have suddenly become a much better cook! (thank you butter)

Day 5: Ovary cramps that radiate down my leg – I Read to drink up to 2 cups of bouillon

Day 6: No more leg cramps.  Today is the first day of missing sugar.  I am not grouchy, just wistful (thank goodness) But,  I can’t watch the commercials on TV, so I go for a walk with the dog and work on the blog.

Day 7:   I am up 2 pounds.  Maybe it’s the shift from High pressure to Low pressure in our weather that is messing up my digital scale.  Or maybe I need to drink more water.  I am going to up my water intake today.

**Interesting side note: I have tried a number of different diets over the years.  And this one seems to be the easiest ones I have ever tried. It doesn’t seem to come with the usual side effects like Hunger pangs, Sugar withdrawal, Low energy levels, or cravings.

One of the other diets I tried was the Candida Diet, where I eliminated

  • Sugar
  • Cutback on coffee & alcohol
  • Avoided candy bars, pop and sugary junk food
  • Eat small amounts of fruit
  • Enjoyed healthy lean proteins
  • Switched to eating whole grains
  • Eat lots of fermented foods

I had assumed the Candida Diet would work for me.  But the problem was that I went into such sugar withdrawal I almost got into a fist fight with my boss the first day on the diet.  I had major bouts of road rage for about 4 days and a real desire to strangle everyone by the end of the week. Again not normally how I operate.

So I was thrilled to notice that my first desire for sugar was on Day 6 of the Simple Keto Diet Plan. And that It didn’t last.  We are getting ready to move into Week Two or our Two-Week Diet Challenge.  I am off to do some shopping!

Big Smiles Natalie