I thought I would bring you all up to date on how the progress has been going.

We choose to start living a Keto lifestyle in July of 2017.  That would make today our  third month of happily enjoying Keto.  There has been many up’s and downs on the scale.  Or what I like to call “stalls.”  That is where my body stops dropping any weight.  It just seems to hover around the same mark.  Then the following week the scale will take a nice 2 lbs dip and off I go again losing the fat.

I am happy to report that yesterday, September 30th/ 2017,  I hit my initial goal weight of 175 lbs.  I actually weighed in under my goal at 174.4 lbs.  Whoot, whoot… Thank you Butter!

So I thought I would try a little experiment to see what would happen if I chose to go off our new diet plan for just one night.  We have to celebrate the small things in life, right?  And I was ready for a night out of the kitchen!  So, I ordered up our usual from our favorite Chinese food restaurant in Olds, AB – Zhu’s Ginger Beef.

Our usual is the savory meal for 4!  (It could actually feed six adults and you would still have leftovers in the morning.)  It consists of their famous bearded Ginger Beef, glazed in a spicy ginger sauce, Beef  with Veggies, Chicken Fried rice, Spring rolls, Sweet & Sour Pork and the piece-de-resistance … The Lemon Chicken in a delicate lemon glaze.  Oh my,  my mouth waters just thinking about it.

I can tell you we really enjoyed this meal.  We walked away from the table full and happy.

Fast forward to this morning.  I knew that with all the carbs that I had ingested last night that I would probably gain a pound or two… thanks to the carbohydrates absorbing water.  So I wouldn’t be surprised if I seen the scale register a couple pounds up.  But what really shocked me was it wasn’t just a couple of pounds.  I weighed in this morning 4.4 lbs up!!  That was after just one night of jumping off the Keto plan.

I am not unhappy I did it.  I mean, who would be after experiencing the lovely lemon chicken from Zhu’s?  But it doesn’t make me want to give up my new chosen lifestyle anytime soon.

If you are anything like me.  You probably daydream about the amazing takeout meals you used to enjoy.  Or  perhaps all the ice cream and candy treats you seem to be missing out on.  But trust me …. Nothing tastes as good as hitting your goal weight.

So today, I am setting a new goal weight of 150 lbs.  I would like to see myself accomplish this new goal in 5 months. I am aiming for March 1st /2018 to hit this new exciting mark.  Then I will celebrate by climbing on a Cruise Boat and experimenting with how much weight I will gain back in 10 days.

Until then… I will be walking right beside you on your new found Keto journey.

Happy Keto-ing!