End of a Year; End of a Decade – A Simple Keto Diet Plan to start your New Year right.

As the final day of the year unfolds, it is natural to begin thinking about how we can become the best version of ourselves in 2020.  We analyze what we should change & how much we improved in the last year. Then we challenge ourselves by setting new goals we hope to achieve in the New Year. 

Around here that means preparing to go full Keto!  And that, my friends, starts with Purging the kitchen pantry! 

I noticed, as we got closer to the holidays, more & more non-friendly keto foods had moved back into my cupboards.  Suddenly, I had crackers for cheese platters, bags and bags of potato chips just in case someone stopped by for a visit and a glorious array of cookies, cakes and treats that just seemed to ooze out of my pantry.  

So today, on my “Honey Do List” I have three simple goals that will hopefully give me the best shot at starting the year on a Keto diet. 

1)      Clean out my pantry. (Even if that means dragging more stuff to the neighbour’s house!) 


2)      Make a couple of different styles of Fat Bombs to help with the sugar cravings & withdrawals symptoms.  I found this new recipe from the Humble Kitchen, for Keto Friendly – Cookie Dough Fat Bombs that I would really like to try. http://thehumblekitchen.ca/cookie-dough-fat-bombs-keto-friendly/

3)      Make a Keto inspired New Year Eve Meal, complete with fancy cocktail toothpicks, savoury finger foods and elegant Keto drinks.   The whole meal should be Simple, Impressive and Fully Keto. 

As side goal I have decided to stop drinking for a Month.  I know it’s crazy to stop drinking on New Year’s Eve. But, I know my body could really use the break after all the Christmas celebrations!   I am looking at it like a mini challenge. Can I create a drink that is alcohol free, look snazzy in a glass (so I can still look sophisticated while I mingle with the crowd) and Keto Friendly?   

To be clear, you can absolutely drink  (if you choose, it will just slow you down a bit) while on Keto. However, some alcohol choices are better than others.   This is just one more goal I would like to accomplish in 2020. So here we go….

Pantry Before/After

pantry before

Bacon Stuffed Keto Mushroom Caps

Bacon stuffed mushroom caps

Cheese stuffed meatballs or “Keto-balls”Virgin Keto Cocktails –  There are a ton of Mock-tails online to dabble with. But for me it is not New Year’s without champagne and raspberries.  So this year I substituted my “champagne” for sparkling water. And that seemed to do the trick.

Sparkling water with raspberries

If you are planning on doing a Netflix and Chill to ring in the New Year this year, I have one more tip for you all!   If you start the movie Forrest Gump at 10:38:57PM this evening you will end up celebrating New Year’s Eve with Lieutenant Dan & Forrest himself.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uk5cD-7vkHI