Keto fat bombs for that quick energy burst.

fat bombs with chocolate peanut butter cinnamon

On the Keto diet fat bombs are becoming all the rage.  Butter, heavy cream, coconut milk and healthy oil all poured into a little mold are one of low carb dieter’s best friend. When you get that craving for something sweet or fat, we can reach for a little snack that is approx 70% fat with less than 5% carbs. They are simple to build and then stick them in the freezer so they are at your fingertips for an additional boost. But is this the ideal way to eat you good fats?

But are Fat Bombs Good for you?

Providing the fat bombs are made out of the good fats then they should be ok for you to eat.  I use them when my meal is not high enough in fat to keep me in Ketosis. Like for example if we have something lean like skinless chicken breast, now I need to add some extra fat to the diet to keep me near my 70-25-5 ratio. But they are quite calorie dense, so one little bite usually will do.  But if you are still craving, have another one just watch your calorie intake a bit.  Nature made some natural fat bombs, like Avocados, bacon or Nuts which you could eat to bring up your fat intake too. Here is a link to Our Favorite Fat Bomb Recipe.  If you like Peppermint how about try a Peppermint fat bomb.

Peppermint patty fat bomb