For many ketogenic dieters, there is a real fear that eating a diet high in cholesterol and heavy in saturated fats could be dangerous. However, a new paradigm shifting study has just surfaced about the correlation between high consumption of saturated fats and stroke.  Source (

The study looked at the popularly held belief that ingesting high levels of saturated fats (like people who follow a Ketogenic diet) may be detrimental to arterial health.

Researchers evaluated fourteen different studies involving 598,000+ participants and an additional 12 studies involving an additional 462,000+ participants whom ingested high concentrations of saturated fat in their diets.  

The scientists concluded that a higher consumption of dietary saturated fatty acids is associated with a lower risk of stroke.  And, for every 10 grams increase of saturated fats per day, resulted in a 6% reduction in the rate of stroke.

Highlights from the evaluation included:

·        Higher dietary saturated fat intake is associated with a decreased overall risk of stroke.

·        There is a linear dose-response relation between dietary statured fat intake and the risk of stroke.

·        It is necessary to re-evaluate the restrictions on saturated fat intake for future dietary guidelines

I would also like to add, that more studies & trials need to be conducted in order to prove this definitively to the na-sayers out there.   

So for those dieters that are still fearful about replacing their old high carbohydrate diets, with a healthier high fat, low carbohydrates ketogenic diet have no fear.  Know that these worries are mostly based on old & out dated ways of thinking about our bodies and on arterial health.

As we say around here…”Keep Calm & Keto on”